Saturday, July 4, 2009

Introducing Liza Jane

Liza arrived at our house this morning. She is a bundle of love and energy and joy. Not to mention smart! She's half dachshund and half chihuahua. We're already nuts about her!


dohlink said...

Welcome to the family, sweet Liza. You will be so loved. Can't get over just how precious she looks. Dogs love you no matter what. They are so excited when you return home. They make us laugh even when we don't feel laughable. So people who have dogs spend less time in therapy.

Bogart said...

so true.
dogs are lovable.
i get excited when people come home.
i make them laugh.
but it is our human who heal us.
and she's always in therapy!

Rambling Woods said... sweet and tiny she is. Liza has found a good loving home with you...cute..cute..cute..

Jientje said...

She's so tiny!!! What a cutie pie!!

maryt/theteach said...

Well, HELLO Liza Jane! :)

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