Friday, December 25, 2009

Monochrome Weekly 12-25-09

The Monochrome Weekend explores black and white.

It's always hard to see a tree come down in the neighborhood - but fascinating to watch the process. He's about 20 feet off the ground.


David C. said...

Nice capture of a job I'm glad I don't have.

Sylvia said...

That's a great photo, but... I don't really like to see the trees being cut. ;)

Spiderdama said...

Nice! I can do the same:-)
Wish you a blessed Christmas!

awarewriter said...

The process is fascinating. I watched them take away our pear tree a few months ago after a high wind damaged it beyond repair. Takes skill, judgment and guts to do a job like that.

Serendipity said...

Great picture.

Lucy Corrander said...

Tree surgeons are brave people.

Interesting cut-out effect against the white sky.


RuneE said...

That looks dangerous!

Robin said...

I'm glad that's not me up there!

Nice capture Terri.

Julie said...

Terrific balance in this image, Terri. You have anchored your photograph firmly with the many strong vertical lines on the RHS and as the lumberjack leans further and further out the branches become less black and more fragile allowing us to appreciate the full danger of the job he is undertaking. Great to have the shards from the cut visible, too.

Health and happiness for 2010.

Carolyn Ford said...

Gorgeous black and white. The overcast sky creates amazing contrast.

Jason said...

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BJ Roan said...

And I thought Jason only liked my blog;)

I like the lines of the tree against the lighter shade of sky. Lots to interest the eye. Very nice.


Great shot of a dangerous job. I like the angle and the ambience.

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