Friday, March 30, 2012

Liza's Spring Vacation

Liza met two new cousins this week on our travels and was reacquainted with another. She was not at her best; she's very territorial and protective, and wasn't willing to share space with the young Blackie or the elder Charlie and was not at all interested in playing with Kona the puppy. She had a great time with "Grandpa" and with "Aunt" Pam - proving again that her people skills are far better than her dog socialization skills.

Liza jumps up on Dad's lap for cuddles and treats.

Liza peeks out from inside a hollowed out cedar tree at one of our rest stops.

Mr. Blackie pretends he's a lap dog. Liza tried to ignore him during our visits. 

Bonnie wrangling Liza and young Kona - Tommy Thompson trail in Anacortes.

A basket full of Cavalier King Charles spaniels passed us on our walk/scoot on the Tommy Thompson trail. There were two more in addition to the four in the trailer. Liza wasn't impressed. 

One more in the bike basket.

Charlie (the elder) watches as Liza helps herself to his toys.

She was fond of shaking the chicken to death.


Tiffin said...

The first and the last ones had me laughing out loud. That freckled tum and the ears splayed out just did me in--and I can just hear the sound effects in the last one.

i beati said...

oh my how very wonderful so much personality !!

Judy said...

I love the last one - and that you were able to get a photo of it!! My Jake shakes like that sometimes, for no apparent reason, and of course, I can never capture it.

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