Friday, January 8, 2010

Color Carnival - 01-08-10

Martha hosts this meme about color.

I don't think the lab technician really understood why I wanted to take photos of my blood draw. Hey, it's colorful! I won't show you the blood. Yet.


Colleen said...

I would never have ever thought of taking a picture while getting my blood drawn! But you are right! It is colorful!

Chris said...

THIS is a creative shot! I love it!

Carolyn Ford said...

And...I have to get my blood drawn later this month! I never would have thought of a photo coming from creative you are!

Jientje said...

You ARE FAR WORSE than I am. Taking pictures in a clinic? That would be even more challenging than a shop!

I hope you're okay?

Jama said...

So pretty!

BLOGitse said...

It IS colorful!
And of course we all want to see the blood too - joking!!!
Have a colorful CC weekend!

Suburban Girl said...

I guess you gave him a story to tell. I'll pass on the blood though!

Vicki ~ FL said...

Only a blogger would think to take such a photo!! Great shot.

Dimple said...

It is colorful, but I don't really want to see the blood!
Meditations of My Heart

Gena D said...

Certainly very colourful!!!
Gena @ thinking aloud

Martha@SeasideSimplicity said...

I think all of us who play the memes have been looked at very oddly many times, LOL! Great CC shot :-)

Nishant said...

creative shot! I love it!

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