Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Winners July 24, 2011

Photos for Lotus's Weekly Winners are from a variety of activities this week. The beach, the coast aquarium, the last gathering of the children's cohort and families and the farmers market.

Jelly love

So nice of the designers to provide the beautiful blue background. 

Jellies are fascinating. No brains. They aren't called jellyfish anymore because of the misnomer: they aren't fish.

Anemone, another of my favorites. 

I was hoping I could fool viewers into believing I was SCUBA diving. 

The weather wasn't great but we managed one glorious sunset. 

These four wonderful kids will be "graduating" to preschool in a month. We'll miss them! 

Ms. P and her mama.

Plenty of food for these guys. They may be scavengers but I love 'em. It's a nostalgia thing. 

When you're short, you learn to compensate.

Beautiful beets. 



Tiffin said...

I love your wonderful photographs. You bring so much joy with them, Ter. xo

Sarah said...

The anemone and the sunset are GORGEOUS. Just stunning...jelly love also makes me beautiful.

Terri said...

Thank you Tui and Sarah!

Tela (formerly known as Terrie) said...

wow, that first jellyfish shot with the blue background is just amazing.

stacy: the aunt with gum said...

wow. that 1st image & the anemone are incredible! and that sunset... gorgeous!

Jientje said...

That first photo of the jellyfish and the anemone are lovely and what I wouldn't do to see a sunset like this one!

Sarah said...

I love teh sunset shot!

Denise said...

What incredible, vivid colors!!


Rachel said...

absolutely gorgeous set this week

Judy said...

The first jellyfish shot is wonderful, but my favourite is the last photo, the beets. I think it is magnificent! Simply the idea of focusing on the roots, rather than the bodies of the beets, changes your whole perception of them!!!

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