Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jientje Arrives!

Our Belgian friend Jientje arrived in Portland today, one of the stops on her 3 week American adventure. Jientje and I "met" sometime last year as we participated in some of the same photo challenges and admired each other's work.

The plan was for her to arrive last night, but the gods had other ideas and she was stranded in Washington DC overnight (albeit in a pretty comfy looking hotel!).

I caught up with her at United Airlines lost and found, where she reunited with her luggage that had preceded her to Portland.

Before we'd gone two miles, Jientje spotted some neighborhood art she wanted to photograph.

And before I knew it, she was wandering into the back yard taking photos!

I gently explained to her that Americans tended to be pretty private and protective about their yards. Fortunately, no pit bulls were involved.

Next stop was a local coffeeshop. Jientje was amazed to see almost every customer using a laptop. I've grown accustomed to the sight, but she said if she did that in Belgium, people would be shocked and would gossip about her!

Then it was home with a hearty greeting from Liza the wonder puppy, Laurie, Tara and Ms. P and Mr. M. Jientje introduced Ella to us.

Ella is traveling around the world with a variety of friends. She arrived in Portland last night, ahead of Jientje, and spent a lonely night in baggage claim.

Jientje immediately recognized Ms. P's potential as a photographer.

We headed up the street to shop for some dinner items. Jientje got a little taste of our neighborhood, one of the more vibrant and creative areas in Portland.

When we left Pastaworks, we happened upon three young men boogieing to a boombox.

Not only a photo op for Jientje, but a dancing op too! There she is, dancing in the street (well, almost).

Tired (Jientje's had about 3 hours sleep in the last 48 hours, plus jet lag), home to a lovely meal of sausage and cheese and bread, with the cupcakes saved from last night.

Next up: more of Portland in the morning and then a trip to Salem to visit Alida. Stay tuned for more adventures!


Quilldancer said...

Looks like Jientje is still going strong, even if she was a bit tired. I am glad her unexpected adventure didn't crush her spirit.


Nessa said...

I am following Jientje's travels. I am glad she arrived safely. Looks like her next spot will be fun, too.

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barbarah said...

Hi, I read Jientje's blog and am following her adventures, too. I'm so glad she got there safely after being delayed, and thankful her luggage was all there waiting for her.

I'm smiling at the taking of pictures in someone's yard. Yes, most Americans would be a little freaked out if they saw a stranger with a camera in their yard! And dancing in (or beside) the street -- I can just picture it.

Melli said...

LOVELY! Perfect! Authentically Jientje! Wow! I want to visit Portland now! I love artsy areas! And Ms. P with Ella's camera is just TOO cute!!!

Gattina said...

Sigh of relieve ! she finally arrived safe and sound ! What an adventure for her ! how nice to meet your family and the pictures are gorgeous.
Laptops in coffee shops are mostly used by business men at least here in Brussels.

Terri said...

Your post is picture perfect, it shows exactly how much fun we both had! Thank you for this perfect!

Maribeth said...

This is wonderful, following on Jientje's trip! Love your shots. And Ella's jean skirt it too cute!

Carletta said...

Thank you for posting some great shots of Jientje - so glad to know she is safely at her destination with you!
These are great shots!
You two have a wonderful time.

Mar said...

I read your comment at Melli's, what a fun adventure!! Hi to Jientje, too :)

frog ponds rock... said...

Hi I am Jientje's friend from Australia, thanks for posting such lovely photos. I can relax now Knowing that Jientje is nice and safe..

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