Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday 11-30-09


Mellow Yellow Monday links are here.

Another reason to love autumn.


Marice said...

aww they are all sooo cute! :) love those photos!

u may view mine here

Marka said...

Play in thee leaves time!

As I was walking across my college campus a few weeks back, a number of the children in the college's daycare were out playing in the leaves. They were having such fun! I really wanted to skip class and join in their pure enjoyment of the moment.

Chie Wilks said...

Awesome shots for MYM...the yellow shirts of the kids and the yellow leaves on the ground are just right for MYM. Love seeing the kids having fun while working, they are so cute....awesome

mine is here

Ladynred said...

Yes I love Autumn. These are great pictures.

Coffeedoff said...

Such cute children, love the way they are helping!

Carolyn Ford said...

Such adorable children and sweet photos to treasure! Great yellows for the theme! Beautiful captures.

scribbler said...

Ooh They are so adorable with their yellow jacket on. There is something about autumn leaves that kids do love, eh.
Check out my strange sunflowers

Nukke said...

So much yellow leaves, so much to do for a little children too :)

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