Sunday, November 8, 2009

Macro Monday 11-09-09: Back in the cemetery

Macro Monday - hosted by Lisa

I love old graveyards.

Crawford M. Dobbins so sounds like a Dickens character!


awarewriter said...

The second one with the leaves is my favorite. A bit of digital rubbing, eh?

Terri said...

Exactly. I was just thinking about that!

S said...

Nice shots of history. I'm partial to the "painter" one since I'm an artist, more than a photographer (although I try!) Happy MM!
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Dagrun said...

Your gravestones are not that different from ours (Norway) actually. Thank you for sharing.

(PS love your header)

Marie Höglund said...

Lovely close up of gravestones :-)

vrtlarica said...

Gravestones and autumn leaves do work together very good... They both have same interpretation - end of life cycle.

Nessa said...

Great series of shots. Cemeteries are fascinating.

Meet My Mates #3 - Quilly

Shawn said...

Terri, I just discovered this CD about Lone Fir residents. Great music from local artists and wonderful stories, some real and some imagined. Plus, it's a benefit. said...

Wow Terri..these are great....

Chris said...

Hah! Crawford M. Dobbins SHOULD be a Dickens character -- good catch!

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