Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alphabet Finds: O and P

Ever on the lookout for new and different challenges, I've taken on Melli's alphabet challenge. The idea is to find each letter of the alphabet in a naturally occurring state. In other words (or in other letters), no fair using the 'S' in a stop sign; rather you need to find something that is shaped like an 'S'.

This week: O and P.

Again, Os are all around us; the challenge is to make it an interesting O. How's this:

I had a hard time finding a P. I was wandering all around the house today, listening to my iPod, looking in drawers, cupboards, baskets, closets. And then I realized I had a P on my ears! (Oh that doesn't sound good.)



Jientje said...

How funny? I saw your Scavnger hunt in my reader? Did you remove it?
You did well again, I love your O!!

Melli said...

That is a beautiful O! Love it! And the P is genius! Very well done!!!

Mar said...

Oohh, beautiful O and clever P!!

barbarah said...

Those are definitely interesting! Love that window grate and the scene behind it.

Daryl said...

O Pretty ... excellent illustrations!

Carletta said...

A dramatic O - beautiful!
The P is very very clever.

Quilldancer said...

Your O is outstanding! I am so sorry you have P in your ears, but so happy you showed it to us .... ewww!


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