Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sepia Scenes 03-04-09: Mandolin

Sepia Scenes is hosted by Mary T, who also hosts the fabulous Ruby Tuesday.



Jientje said...

Beautiful!! I love experimenting with half sepia, it gives it just that little bit of sparkle I think!

NicoleB said...

What a beautiful shot. The sepia gives it a wonderful old fel.

Serena said...

This looks like a great shot for a cover of a book!

maryt/theteach said...

Terri, that shot is absolutely perfect! With just the touch of red. And the sepia tone is lovely! Happy Sepia Scenes! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice shot, especially with that red post.

Anonymous said...

I meant SPOT, of course.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I like this with a spot of red. ;-)

Carletta said...

Lovely Terri! Very soft feel.
Like the small touch of red.

My Sepia post is on my photoblog: Carletta’s Captures.

Chris said...

Oh, I love that shot!

I once had a mandolin that belonged to my grandfather. I pawned it when I was in High school.
Because I'm an idiot.

Great picture!

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