Thursday, March 12, 2009

NicoleB's Scavenger Hunt!

NicoleB challenged us to a scavenger hunt! There are 25 categories, many related to our local shops and neighborhoods. The challenge actually involves some voting! with a winner and prizes! So if you like what you see here, head on over to Nicole's; she'll have a voting poll up after March 15th with links to participants.

This is a rather long post since there are more than 25 photos involved; I've kept them small-ish, but if you want an enlarged version, just click on each photo. Enjoy!

Local currency. One of these bills is bona fide queer money!

Local flag. This is the Oregon State flag

And this is the Portland city flag. I didn't even know we had one!

Local food at my favorite local coffeeshop. The coffee is locally roasted too - Stumptown coffee.

Something rusty. These are found on curbs all around our neighborhood. They're for tying up your horse. These are old curbs.

Local wildlife. This Cooper's hawk shows up in our neighborhood regularly. He's perched in one of our walnut trees.

The front view was quite dark, I had to lighten it quite a bit to see the face, so it looks a little odd.

Local nature: Mt. St. Helens, northeast of Portland. Taken from a city park. It looked very different before it erupted 29 years ago.

Local stamp. This is a display in our local post office. The stamp in the foreground raises funds for breast cancer research.

Part of my neighborhood. We live just a few blocks from Powell's Books on Hawthorne.

Traditional house: this is where we live! Our house is over 100 years old, which is typical in our neighborhood.

Local person: a busker on Hawthorne.

Local weather. It rains a lot here. These are fresh raindrops followed by sun. Typical spring weather.

Local transportation. This is our newest version of mass transit - a gondola.

Traditional local clothing. We're pretty casual in Portland.

Night sky. Full moon March 10th.

Sunrise. The most challenging capture for this night owl! I was up with the birds this morning.

Local non-food product.

Something furry. Squirrel's tail.

Something feathery. Boas - found in a local vintage shop.

A sign of the season: snow on daffodil bud. Spring weather is fickle.

A part of me.I've had my guitar for over 35 years and it seems like a part of me. My hand has been with me always.

My main hobby. Music has been my main hobby for many years. My newly discovered hobby, photography, is running a close second these days.

A local shop. Interesting clothes here!

A local restaurant. I just love the name.

A street sign: at a nearby roundabout.

Local mail box.

Don't forget to vote for your favorite scavenger hunter after March 15th!


NicoleB said...

Oh, they are gorgeous!
Will take a closer look these days, am too tired tonight :)
But first glance, well done :D!

NicoleB said...

Hum,..I could swear I added you to the hunt a while back,...where did your link go?!
It's there now ... :/

NicoleB said...

Ouh, irritated....I found it at the very top,....sometimes I should just take a deep breath ;)

Terri said...

Get some sleep Nicole! LOL!

Jientje said...

Love your pictures Terri! The snow on the daffodil is a very interesting sign of the season, and I love the mailboxes, they're so different! Very good hunt!

Kathy said...

Terri what a great post. =)

lisaschaos said...

You have given me many more reason to visit Portland! Love the gondola! And I'm so glad your hand has always been with you. ;0)

NicoleB said...

Wouldn't help, Terri.
Being confused is the natural state of my mind ;)

Nancy said...

I want YOUR job! What a joy, wonderful finds ~ I SO enjoy your very meaningful captions too!

NicoleB said...

The Poll is up - send your people voting ;)

mythopolis said...

Cool shots, I love Portland! : )

Scriber's Web said...

Gorgeous shots! Portland looks beautiful! Love your local transportation!

Thanks for giving us a beautiful glimpse of Portland!

Anonymous said...

Great pics. I really get a sense of portland. Also the local weather one is really perfect.

Chris said...

You did a great job. I love your interpretation on many of these. I enjoyed the composition of the mailbox shot. The Mt St Helens photo brought back a lot of memories from the new. It looks beautiful now.

Pamela said...

OH I recognize some of those places. I visit my daughter in Portland often.

We go to the Saturday market -

I'm very interested in your hitching curb. That is EXCELLENT!

Anonymous said...

I loved your entry and photos! It is so much fun to travel vicariously through all the entries. Thanks for a piece of Portland!

Ballerina Girl said...

thanks for sharing...
it was a great trip through your part of the world!!

Irish said...

Love the pics. Its great seeing your world. =)

Love your house too. so cute. I'll have to save this page so that I can call it up if I ever make it to portland. will make the stalking easier. ;-)

I also really like how your curbs still have the horse rings on them. I also think that this summer i'm gonna try and get back in to photography. its been so long since i've use my cannon dslr.

Mojo said...

Good to know I can park my horse and not have to worry ;) You may have the best mailbox shot I've seen yet, and I love your full moon shot. I used almost exactly the same theme for the night sky and sign of the season entries that you did, so naturally I like those.

Seems that squirrels are a popular choice for "something furry" all over the world too!

This was a fun challenge... both shooting it and seeing what everybody else came up with. I'm curious to see what happens next time!

Bashar said...

I love the rusty, local city view, and the branches photos :)

Good luck

Bashar said...

Ohh and that moon shot is quite cinematic :)

Caspette said...

I love the squirrel tail shot.

Anonymous said...

Fun hunt. The road sign made me laugh :)

BLOGitse said...

fun hunt - your house looks like in American movies..

sakaigirl said...

Hi Terri, Great shots! Love your pictures!

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