Monday, September 21, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - 09-22-09: Got Fire?

MaryT/theteach hosts this weekly event - photographs of all things red.

I drove by this warehouse the other day and couldn't resist:


Stine said...

Oh my goodness! I guess you can never be overly prepared for a fire...right?

Ralph said...

Don't wait to extinguish any flame. large or small. Preparedness is a fine trait -although if there is a fire, could you put it out when the entire stock of canisters is on the shelf and out of service??stock

momgen said...

I bet you that stuff help a lot to many people hehe. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Mine is here

Jama said...

That's a lot of fire extinguishers! Did you buy any?

~Just me again~ said...

Sweet pic, I did a ruby tuesday with some fire extinguishers a couple weeks ago too.

marianedwardsdreamweaver said...

WOW that's lotsa red alright!

Auntie E said...

Happy Ruby Tuesday. After you visit I'll come back and give my view on this.

Stephanie V said...

That's a lot of extinguishers. I never thought what a warehouse full would look like...thanks!

shopannies said...

great capture for ruby tuesday

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