Monday, September 28, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - 09-29-09- Liza Jane

MaryT/theteach hosts this weekly event - photographs of all things red.

Liza is now five months old, still with the rakish ear. She hasn't decided if she wants to wear them up or down, so for now one of each will do. This was her first trip to the beach. She loved the sand, but the big waves? Not so much.

She has an appointment with the vet on Friday. She thinks she's getting sprayed.


Dimple said...

Very cute pooch!

Marites said...

awww...she looks adorable with that wayward ear :D mwah! my RT is up here.

momgen said...

Oh what a cute dog...happy RT!

Mine is here

~Just me again~ said...

LOL...and on the red carpet we have Liza...Liza is wearing a beautiful cute picture.

Anonymous said...

adorable liza..hope the visit to the vet isn't too traumatic for her!!

Loree said...

Oh what a cute little dog. I love that one up, one down ear that's going on.

Hootin' Anni said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, this photo just sincerely melts my ol' heart!!!

My R. T. is posted now, I do hope you can come by and keep me company today!! You'll need to scroll down below my Tuesday's Heads or Tails Meme to view my ruby photo. Hope to see you there.

bj said...

A GREAT Ruby post!! Cute little dog.

Ralph said...

A wonderful dog friend. He will grow to enjoy the waves...the red offers a royal ruby that engulfs the puppy in size, bot not personality!

Carolyn Ford said...

She's a cutie! Her ears are adorable...

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