Monday, December 15, 2008

Ellipsis - Monday Photo Shoot:: Autumn Meets Winter

Carly at Ellipsis said:
Let's say hello to winter, shall we? I want pictures of AUTUMN MEETING WINTER if at all possible. A pumpkin in the snow, leaves with snow at the base, a snowman with some harvest vegetables completing his outfit. Anything that depicts the merging seasons.

Perfect timing, Carly. I've been out snapping photos since yesterday morning when we got our first snowfall. It's rare in Portland to have REAL snow that lasts more than a few hours. Lots of photo ops! Be sure to click on the photos to see enlargements.

Saving the last of the carrots from the deep freeze that's coming to Portland.

No more warm autumn days for hanging clothes on the line.

Snow on beachball.

There's something zen-like about snow on bamboo.


Carly said...

Hi Terri :)

What a wonderful collection of photos! The carrots in the snow was especilly striking! The snow on the beach ball fooled me, I would have sworn it was a big scoop of French Vanilla ice cream! LOL. Doesn't that sound good right now? Tee Hee. Thanks for doing the assignment this week. :)

Always, Carly

Suzanne R said...

I'm having a lot of trouble posting my comment. Maybe the 3rd time is the charm!

Do you live in Portland, Oregon? If so, I live about 30 miles south of you. I am not enjoying this cold much! Love your pictures, with the snow on the carrots, and it truly does look like ice cream on the beach ball. Nice work!

Suzanne R said...

Thanks for your comment, Terri! I live about 6 miles south of Canby, out in the country. I don't have to go anywhere for the next while either -- not until Christmas Eve -- so I'm in pretty good shape as long as nothing else freezes!

Amanda said...

The beachball one looks like mashed potatoes on top of a baked potato! For a second, I had to really redesign my thoughts to realize it was snow!

Terri said...

Ha ha - I love all the interpretations of the beach ball - ice cream, mashed potatoes, someone else said bread dough rising. It was a night shot with the porch light on, so the colors are a little off. What I'm noticing is that mysterious face above and to the left of the ball. Looks like a crone to me.

Carly said...

Hi Terri

Sure it's ok to leave the hyperlink, just don't forget to leave the link the old fashioned way as well. It saves me a ton of time during the week when I have all the information prior to assembling the Linking List. :) By the way, I am enjoying the comments you have gotten so far, I can see mashed potatoes now as well! ;)

Always, Carly

Serena said...

the snow on the beachball is fantastic! it almost looks like a frosted donut or other pastry

Tami said...

Love the carrots in the pot shot! Best one on the page.....the bamboo. IMHO....of course.

P.S. Clarice's reflection is in the laptop top. It's shinny and she was sitting on my hip I was trying to get a decent shot without having to get up.

Tammy said...

How creative! I liked the clothesline. ;)

Jama said...

That's sure a lot of snow! I love the photo of the cloths line too.

Nancy said...

Great job...I espec. love the bamboo one too.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Terri, I love the snow on the bamboo! The beach ball covered in snow looked like an exotic pastry to me! A Fun Photo and yes I saw the face also! Good Job:)

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