Friday, December 26, 2008

Round Robin - Toys!

Our theme for this round is favorite toy. Well, I hit the jackpot with this one, since my partner Laurie is a family childcare provider. We have very cool toys in our house! Be sure to click on the photos for the full effect.

This is sort of a puzzle, but you can put the pieces together any way you want to and make an unlimited number of cool geometric designs.

Ball Tracker. Endless hypnotic fun.

Marble thingy (Laurie couldn't remember the name).
Much noisier than the Ball Tracker - but very fun to photograph.

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Jientje said...

Those are very colourful pictures Terri!! I love the collage!!
Did you manage to find it?

Diane said...

Ooooh... cool toys! There is/was a store in Charlotte called Looby Loo, which carried all those cool German wooden toys. I LOVED that place when Ryan was little and spent a fortune on things like what you've pictured. I swear it's partly why she's so imaginative today!

Carly said...

Hi Terri :)

How wonderful! Very cool toys indeed.:) Great pics!

Always, Carly

Suzanne R said...

I really like the toys and the way you have photographed them. Nice entry!

Molly said...

Oh I love your toys. I would like to live at your house. If I remember correctly, one of my son's teachers had a set of those woooden puzzle blocks that you show in your collage. If the children finished their schoolwork, they were allowed to go to a special desk and play with the colorful blocks. They loved this and would finish their work to play with these and other cool toys.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Ver nice collection of toys! :)

Sherrie said...

Great toys!! I have some of those "puzzle" blocks. They are fun to make shapes! Have a great New Year!


MariesImages said...

Lovely design, great image~

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