Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Daze

I know for a lot of you a snowy winter isn't as uncommon as it is here in Portland. In fact, many of you are probably sick to death of snow! We've essentially been snowbound for a few days. I'm grateful that we weren't attempting to get somewhere by car, plane or train as most of those are grounded. Portland comes to a grinding halt with even a bit of snow - and it's usually accompanied by lots of ice. Apparently this is the most cumulative snowfall in 40 years here.

And I am loving every bit of it! We have plenty of food, we're warm, I have a stack of books to read and my camera at the ready (though there isn't much variety in my photos since I'm not venturing far past the doors and windows). So if you're sick of snow, bypass this post. I just have to post some photos of our rare winter wonderland! It is so photogenic.

Click on photos for an enlarging experience.

The disappearing act of Kwan Yin. This is last Monday.

This is yesterday, Sunday.

And this morning. She's a hearty soul!

Snow drift at the sunroom door.

Friends R and R come to visit, bundled and red-cheeked.

Sunflower. Irony.

Our walnut tree and the neighbor's house - dusk.

Contorted catoneaster.

The disappearing chair trick:

About 10 days ago.

Last week.

This morning. Looks welcoming, doesn't it?

Not a real snowy photo, but I like how this yard chachka looks.




Laura said...

Very nice ... The yard chachka and the puffed-up robin are my favorites!

Why hadn't I added this blog to my Google Reader yet? It's there now!

Jackie said...

Love seeing the comparisons from 8-10 days ago. Kwan Yin is wonderful. She'll reappear in her festive self in the spring. But this is wonderful to see...right now in Houston we've had a cold spell into the mid-40's. Laugh. I miss the snow, but your pictures transmit the experience...even when I have to turn on the air conditioner. Thank you so much!! Nice squirrels and robin.

Jill said...

These are spectacular photos, Terri! Thanks for sharing!

Serena said...

What a great set of photos. that's a lot of snow.

Ruth said...

Hey, we're in your blog!

Thanks for the lovely visit, and you inspired a few macro shots of my own in our unrecognizable backyard.

Margot said...

Thanks for the beautiful snow photos. Our oldest daughter lives in Portland and has been telling us about this unusual winter. Now I see what she's talking about. Really great photos.

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