Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A to Z Challenge: the Letter S

This meme comes from Martha at Menagerie. The idea is to shoot a photo for each letter of the alphabet; we move on to a new letter every two weeks.

Today, boys and girls, we learn about the letter 'S' as in Sesame Street. Or as in sorry, I couldn't resist. I had a hard time choosing which S photo to post, so here are several. I avoided the obvious Santa and silver bells and stockings.

As always, click on the image for a much better view!

Swiss chard, the winter warrior.

Sunnyside Piazza, a little oasis in our neighborhood. Portland is very into community space, even if it's a bench on a street corner. Not all are as elaborate as this one which includes a kiosk for posting information and events and this ginormous sunflower in the intersection:

Squash at the co-op.

Self-portrait: my colorful socks. Not stockings.

Oh, and -- SNOW! It's just ducky.


June said...

I love swiss chard...not easy to find here in S. Florida. I have better luck while in Floyd.

Martha@SeasideSimplicity said...

Wow, you were just full of S's! Great shots! Sorry things are running so far behind. The linking list and next letter should be up today! :-)

Julie said...

I love all the S shots, very inventive.

Linda :) said...

Those are all great S's for the challenge!! :)

gina said...

what a wonderful set of s's! i love that plaza colorful.

Liz said...

I loved your sunnyside piazza and sunflower intersection photos. I wish my neighbourhood was so colourful.

Tami Weingartner said...

love the swiss chard...and the socks!

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