Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ruby Tuesday - 12-16-08

MaryT/theteach hosts this weekly event - photographs of all things red.

Click on photos to enlarge for detail.

This is a wild raspberry that's still bearing fruit. The photo was a couple of weeks ago, before the now-frigid temps and snow - but there are still berries on the bush! They look a little shriveled and frozen this morning.



Serena said...

These look good enough to pluck off an eat...they look so juicy

Askew To You said...

Yum, berries! Happy Ruby Tuesday to you.

I'm here www.askewtoyou.blogspot.com I've still got a little color in my garden, too.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing close-up...and they look so inviting. I thought that it must have been taken in the summer or spring, but I guess your climate is milder where you are?
My Ruby Tuesday is also a non-festive one...there's time for that next week :)

Jientje said...

You have some very good pictures going on on this blog again this week! I especially loved the "graple"
leaves with the shadows on them!
But this one is a very good ruby too!

Pia K said...

Oh, yummy, raspberries are my favourite of the berry-fruit category! Things tend to get so much better with a sweet raspberry on top - or a whole lot of them:)

storyteller said...

Oh yummy! This reminds me that I've got a few strawberries ripening on my plants in the yard.
Hugs and blessings.

DrowseyMonkey-Photos said...

What a fantastic photo! I love wild raspberries.

Dianne said...

amazing close-up!

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