Monday, December 29, 2008

Ellipsis - Monday Photo Shoot: Watching the Clock

Carly at Ellipsis said:
Here is an easy one folks, grab your cameras and show me the time. A clock, a watch, an hourglass, the clock on your cell phone, the clock in the town square. If it tells time, it will be perfect!

Extra Credit: Show me a clock with your favorite time of day on it.
Oh I just couldn't resist this.

It does show my favorite time of this century! I'll be back later in the week with my real entry.

Edited - Sunday January 4 (Just 16 days now!).

Here are the rest of my clock photos. These are both old pocket watches my dad gave me. One was his father's and the other I think was his grandfather's.

Great Grandpa Grayum's Elgin pocket watch with a leather fob.

Grandpa's Howard pocket watch.

Grandpa's watch opens like a locket.

Grandma's name, Norma, inscribed inside.

Check out other clock watchers at Carly's site.


Carly said...


Oh my, how clever of you. It's just perfect isn't it? Fun.

Always, Carly *Still laughing*

Suzanne R said...

Hilarious! I had never thought of time in those terms but it truly is a genuine way to mark it. Hee hee!

MyMaracas said...

LOL That's a good one!

Jama said...

You have beautiful collection of antique watches there, wish I have something like that to pass to the next generation.

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