Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Window Views - 06-17-09: Hope

Mary T is keeping us busy with photo memes. Here's a new one called Window Views.

This is the Hope Presbyterian church in our neighborhood. I don't know what kind of church it was originally; it's certainly a sturdy old building. It looks like it's hundreds of years old, but Portland has only been a city for 150 years or so. Looks like I have more homework to do.

Lots of stained glass windows...

...but rather subdued.

This one has an opaque covering over it.

Truly, a belfry.


Anonymous said...

Love stained glass( and almost did a post on some ). Will save that for later. The lead shot here rather commands, wot? Marvelous!

Jeri ~ said...

What an incredible old building - and all the gorgeous windows - the perfect window views post!

Chris said...

I love architecture with character.

That's a beautiful church.

Dianne said...

the first shot is spectacular! really shows how grand the building is
I love the entire series of photos!!

Anonymous said...

I particularly like pictures of churches and their windows - and this is an interesting building. Stained glass windows of course are deasigned to be seen from inside the church with the light behind them - so I bet they are not subdued viewed that way. I would love to see inside pics too. Thanks.

My entry:

kayerj said...

interesting architecture and beautiful windows. nice entry. Hope you can stop by to see my sepia scene and window views Thanks!

happyone said...

What a wonderful old building and the windows are beautiful. Great Post!

Terri said...

j9marshall: I'll try to get some inside shots one of these days. I wonder if it's open on Sundays? ;o)

ellen b. said...

What a beautiful church. I love the windows.

maryt/theteach said...

An exceedingly interesting church built to fit around that corner! Oh my! Great Window Views post! :)

Karen said...

What an interesting design. My town doesn't have old buildings like that. Thanks for sharing.

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