Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alphabet Finds: I and J

Ever on the lookout for new and different challenges, I've decided to take on Melli's alphabet challenge. The idea is to find each letter of the alphabet in a naturally occurring state. In other words (or in other letters), no fair using the 'S' in a stop sign; rather you need to find something that is shaped like an 'S'. This week: I and J.

Well, 'I' is a pretty easy letter to find. But should it be a serif I or a sans serif? A capital I? Cursive? Calligraphy? Oh, the burning questions. This 'I' jumped out at me the other day and I said, yeah, that's it. Got my I. It's got a little foot and a little hat, which makes it in the serif family.

'J' seemed pretty easy too, we have enough plant hanger doo-hickeys around the house. But I liked the looks of this one, even though I had to turn it sideways. It's from a bench down by the waterfront.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Turning it on its side! Tricksy!

Anonymous said...

I love your J! Now, when you get to my blog I'll have you know that isn't a little plant hanger doo-hickey. It's on my tripod and it's a little camera hanger doo-hickey!

Carletta said...

Love the "J" and I was just at Melli's reading she had a fancier J that might be a Y and I couldn't see how she might - I can see it with yours. Clearly a Y and a J!

I wouldn't have seen the I!

MaR said...

Perfect finds! I flipped my J...

June said...

Good eye, good gets!

Serena said...

great Eye!

Hootin' Anni said...

Excellent "J"

Mine is posted. Or should that be 'mine ARE posted? Mine is...mine are...either case they've been published on my blog. LOL

Anonymous said...

Those are both great! I am liking the variety of I's I am seeing in the challenge! I have had to turn a couple of pictures sideways, too.

Melli said...

OH YOU DID IT! You USED my J that could be a Y too!!! I wondered if anyone would... and you did! That's okay! It IS a GREAT J! I'll find ANOTHER "Y"! LOL! That's an outstanding I too! Love them both!

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