Friday, February 20, 2009

Round Robin - Light Moves

Our Round Robin challenge this time is to show the different ways light moves, from reflections to light refracted. I had it in mind to find those wonderful watery reflections and shadows that happen on a body of water on a sunny day. And down by the riverside, I was granted my wish today.


Jientje said...

I love those!!! I'm always looking for beautiful light!

Family Affair Photography said...

Lovely! I always like how the water shimmers and the reflections play off the boats. Nicely done!


Wammy said...

These bring me back to my childhood and summers on the lake. The last shot...makes me feel warm and like I have been on the lake all day and I have a sunburn on my shoulders. Nice job

TJ said...

WOW! The light simmers are the water are wonderful!!
Great job!
Thanks for sharing..TJ

Anonymous said...

Very sharp pics and nice choices. Thanks for sharing them.

I've moved all my entries to my new blog (Visual Dialogues). Please visit and comment:

Carly said...

Hi Terri :)

Great idea! Little diamonds on the water? Or maybe a school of tiny silvery fish? No, the sun doing it's things, making everything glow. Neat!


June said...

Well done!

Yecap said...

Great set of photos, love the first one the most, really gives you the feeling of being there, it's great!

Suzanne R said...

You certainly achieved your goal -- the quality of the light is so beautiful! I've spent a lot of time around boats so that kind of reflection is dear to my heart.

fdtate said...

A great interpretation of the assignment. I love light shimmering on water.

Anonymous said...

Dancing water! Fabulous.

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