Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ellipsis - Monday Photo Shoot: Winter Days - ?

Carly from Ellipsis chose WINTER DAYS as our theme this week. I was tempted to dig into my snowstorm folder from December, but thought I'd show you what winter is looking like here today. Blue sky. Temp around 60 degrees. A spring tease. Flowers, buds and promises. I know Carly wanted to see cold wintry things, but I'm pretty much ready to move on!

Be sure to click on the photos for maximum enjoyment.

Some yellow flowers...

Some white flowers...

Witch hazel - the scent is heavenly!

Hydrangea leaf hangs on from last year...

...and this year's bud.

Any day now the daphne will bloom - another heavenly scent.

Yet another iteration of echinacea (coneflower).

Some berries.

I hope by next year I'll know the names of all these plants in our yard!

OK, Carly, here's one just for you. From last week's freeze.

Be sure to visit Carly's site Sunday evening for the list of PhotoShooters.


June said...

Great shots all! If I had to pick a favorite it would have to be the hydrangea leaf...but don't make me pick :-)

Terri said...

Thank you. I like that one a lot too June, it's probably my favorite. I promise I won't make you pick!

maryt/theteach said...

Oh my, Terri, such beautiful, Springy flowers! Lucky you! :)

Tiffin said...

Gorgeous photos, Terri, and ones which inspire hope to this snowbound Ontario gardener!

The yellow flower is Eranthis or Winter Aconite.

The white is a Galanthus or Snowdrop.

Both grow from bulbs and are harbingers of Spring.

The rest you know.

Suzanne R said...

You make me want Spring to come here so badly! Of course, the icy picture puts it in perspective -- how much the weather can change from one week to the next. LOL! Neat pictures!

Jientje said...

Gorgeous pictures Terri, and I'm ready to move on to Spring too, but I don't think Mother Nature is ready yet in Belgium! We had some more snow again this week!

Carly said...

Hi Terri :)

Lovely photos! Sometimes the best part of a winter's day, is the promise of what's to come. Beautiful, colorful, fragrant spring. Your photos are always so lovely. Thanks for participating this week!

Always, Carly

Tammy said...

You have me yearning for spring but we need more winter here. Unusually dry! Great shots!

Wammy said...

The little white flowers are snowdrops. I love the feel of spring in your shots. Im ready. The last ice shot gave me a shiver.

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