Sunday, May 3, 2009

Macro Monday 05-04-09 Caterpillar

Macro Monday - hosted by Lisa

This guy was doing his caterpillar dance in the garden recently.


Anonymous said...

Wow...the only caterpillar I have been able to get is a luna moth one because they are huge....This is great...

Vicky said...

great capture! it looks like a piece of jade, lovely green.

Jama said...

It has a beautiful green colour!

June said...

Fun to see them do that!


They are so funny to look at when they move - not really sure where to go. Great capture!

Shey said...

Magnificent macro shots! I've never been lucky enough to get captures of caterpillars. Good for you!

Love the colors too.

Have a happy week! :)

Me and my puppies said...

Inch worm, inch worm doing his little dance. So fun!

CarrieJ said...

great macro ... but he looks so gooey :) ewww :) Bet he makes a pretty butterfly though!

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