Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekly Winners - 05-31-09

Weekly Winners is hosted by Lotus - Sarcastic Mom.

Some of my favorite photos from this week.

I made reference to having access to the carnival grounds the other day when there were no people there. It was closed on Wednesday, but there was an entrance that was open, no signs indicating I wasn't free to enter, so I did. I spent about an hour wandering around taking photos until a couple of security guards spotted me and quickly escorted me out. But not before I got what I came for!

Self-portrait. Fun with mirrors.

This is one ride I think I'd still enjoy going on.

Some of you wanted to see the carousel in color after my sepia post of it last week:

I love being in the right place at the right time WITH my camera. This was in front of the World Trade Center, Portland. I'm used to seeing young folks play hackey sack in Portland, but they're generally not in dress shirts and ties.

Allium now in full bloom.

This one bears repeating. Ms. P explores everything.


girlichef said...

Tee hee...that last photo put a big smile on my face! But, wow...they are all such great fun to wander a carnival all alone...beautiful color all the top of the carousel (was it??).

Tara R. said...

The carousel shots are gorgeous! I think I actually snorted at the last photo ~ that is awesome.

Nik said...

I really love the carousel shot where you lined it up dead center! ah!

Vicky said...

bahaha-- love the hacky sack business men! "Exploring Everything" is quite amusing as well.

Anonymous said...

Amazing shots, the last one is so cute!

Jenty said...

Oh LOL that last one is funny! Love the carousel shot

Punk Rock Mom said...

wow you are a brave woman. Hope security didnt rough you up too badly. hehe

Mominin said...

Love the one of the swings! The last one is hilarious.

hip chick said...

Great photo's. I love all the bright colors.

Smoochiefrog said...

You rebel you! :)

Love the carousel shot.

merrymishaps said...

Love the carnival shots! And the allium is beautiful!

Jientje said...

Love the pictures from the fair, and the carousel is truly my favourite one too! Never mind they kicked you out, you made some stunning pictures!

Caspette said...

Well you just never know what will be tasty unless you eat it first!

As everyone else has said I too enjoyed the carousel shots.

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