Thursday, May 28, 2009

Photostory Friday - Young'uns

PhotoStory Friday
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I often have photos of babies and toddlers
and toys here on my blog, and some of you may wonder who all these children are! Well, they are "borrowed babies." My partner Laurie does family child care here at our home 4 days a week, so there are often two, three, four or five wee ones around. I have the best of both worlds: I can spend as much or as little time with them as I want. They are forever teaching me about life, especially being in the moment!

This is the first week the weather has been grand enough for them to be outside for the majority of the day. They've been exploring grass, flowers, sand, water, bubbles -- pretty much whatever they come across.

Laurie and Ms. P enjoy a game:

M is enchanted by Abi's bubbles:

Collaborating on waterplay:

Ms. S does a foot rinse:

J. loves him some water!!!

Ms. P spent quite a long time trying to figure out how to get the water to stay on so she could put both hands under the hose. She finally settled for one at a time.

Future engineers? M and J stack cups:

Ms. S gets her sun hat just right:

Ms. P tries out many things with her mouth; here she explores grape leaves and stem:


Chris said...

I love to see how amazingly and absorbingly kids throw themselves in to their world.

Rambling Woods said...

Laurie must have a ton of energy because she needs it...sooo cute..I have one daughter and no grandchildren, but I love babies and toddlers...but not enough to do day care for them....I like you idea.. Visit when you want and you can always leave....
Michelle From Rambling Woods

Jientje said...

The most adorable set of pictures I've seen in a long time!! I love the one of J and the waterhose.Such a up to no good cute face!! Lovely!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Great pictures of kids exploring their world. Everyone LOVES bubbles and water!

kaye said...

kids are amazing, wonderful pictures. Here’s my photo story happy Friday!

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