Saturday, April 11, 2009

Camera Critters - 04-11-09: It's All Happening at the Zoo

Camera CrittersThis meme is all about photos of animals/critters.

Last week I took a photo class at the Oregon Zoo. Class participants were lucky to have a private wooded area where we could get up close and personal with some birds of prey and a couple of other zoo residents. I've posted a few photos in other posts this week, but here's a sample of all the animals we got to see.

Western screech owl

Redtail hawk:

Prehensile tail porcupine:

When he heard the elephants trumpet right next door, he got scared and scooted back into his kennel. He was coaxed out with some goodies.

Macaw - signaling that he wants to perch on the zookeeper's arm. (Either that or he's high-fiving us; er, high threeing us. Or flipping us off.)

American kestrel. Cute little guy - though he is a bird of prey.

The turkey vulture kept his wings spread the whole time, either sunning himself or showing off.

Harris hawk:

Hadada ibis:

The elephants are legendary at our zoo - Packy, a bull elephant who turns 47 this month, was the first elephant born in captivity in the US. Here's Rose-Tu and the newest member of the herd, Samudra - Sam - born last August.

Sam with his mom and aunties:

Bald eagle. I thought the talons looked like steel weapons - nothing I'd want to tangle with.

Eurasian eagle owl:

Barn owl:

Augur buzzard:


Karen said...

WOW !! Those are amazing shots.

You've done a really great job !!

Karen said...

Oh, I really like the one of the Macaw.

He looks as though he'sin the midst of teaching you all something :-)

Kate said...

I agree that these are amazing shots! A real pleasure to see!

i beati said...

a smorgasbord of pictures what kind of camera is this??

Terri said...

Thank you! I felt really privileged to get to be so close to these amazing animals.

i beati - it's a Nikon D60 - I had the zoom lens on for all of these, a Nikkor 55-200.

Bryan said...

Great shots! With a 55-200 you must've been fairly close (10-12 feet?) for shots this size. I need to see if my zoo has any opportunities like this!

Terri said...

That's about right, Bryan, for most of them we were that close.

Snap said...

I love the zoo. Your photos were great! Mr. Dragon took a digital photo class that made a couple of trips to the zoo. Just can't beat it for great shots!

Norm said...

wow! love those beautiful animals of yours, fabulous. Thanks for the visit..

Martha said...

Wow - great series for camera critters this week!

Amanda said...

What a fantastic job you did!! The red tailed hawk is my favorite I love to hear them scream!

Jen said...

So great! Love these pictures.

My Family loves going to the Oregon Zoo! And we love shopping in Portland (no tax!)... we'll be in your neck of the woods at the end of June after spending a few days in Seaside! :)

b13 said...

Looks like you had a great time at the zoo! Fantastic shots; every one!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

You got so many fabulous shots at the zoo!

June said...

Wonderful shots all!

Manz said...

These are all amazing photographs!!

I love the Prehensile tail porcupine - I'd love to see that one up close.

Shey said...

AWESOME, AWESOME SHOTS! You're very lucky to have that opportunity!


Tulip said...

love your entry i enjoyed looking at them especially the wide spread of the bird's wings. i love the cute elephant, she's so adorable. thanks for sharing. happy easter!

Denise said...

These photos are incredible, a wonderful variety of magnificent animals. Thank you for sharing them.

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