Monday, April 6, 2009

Don't Leave Home Without It!

This is why I always take my camera with me. Lately I've taken to having it next to me in the front seat whenever I drive anywhere; I seem to come upon these kinds of scenes frequently and hate it when I say,"Oh, if only I had my camera!" This was a traffic island at a very busy 5 way intersection in Portland yesterday.

So I'm thinking of starting a weekly photo meme called Drive-By Photos or Auto-Focus (thanks Gwenlyn) or Don't Leave Home Without It -- the challenge is to take and post photos that are spontaneous, fun, odd, quirky - from your vehicle or bike or on a bus, or on foot.

Would you be interested in participating in such a challenge? Probably on a Tuesday or Thursday. Quality doesn't count here, they're likely to be blurry or have a messy background. I'm looking for unusual scenes. Leave me a comment and I'll gauge the interest. Even if there isn't, I plan to post these weekly for awhile. I already have a folder full of them! I'd love to see what you come up with.


Serena said...

those are great shots!

Jientje said...

Oops, I don't really see what I could come up with? I love your idea, but I don't think I could find interesting stuff around here?
Yours are fun, and I'll definitely keep my eyes open, but ...?

Daryl said...

Its a clever idea ... and I am sure a lot of bloggers will love it, alas I dont have a car but I will watch and see what everyone else comes up with!

Melli said...

I have two problems with this...

1) I live in a very boring sleepy little town...

2) I don't spend enough time in my car these days...

But I think it's a LOVELY idea! I hope you get some takers on it! I'd be interested to see what others come up with!

Mojo said...

It's a cool idea, and somebody has a whole blog called "Drive By Photography" that's devoted to shots taken "on the move", but it's not a meme.

I'm not sure I'd get enough material to be a regular, but I wouldn't mind getting in on it when I have something suitable. Tuesday's kind of fa full day already, but Thursdays are a little light. (Actually I could use something for Sundays, but I can see why you'd avoid the weekend.)

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