Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ellipsis - Monday Photo Shoot: NAPS!

Carly from Ellipsis asks:

Does anything feel better then a nice refreshing nap in the middle of the day? It feels especially nice on a cold winter day, so, here is your photography assignment for this week. Photograph what NAP TIME means to you! Do you have a favorite place to take a quick NAP? Does someone who lives with you take NAPS? If so, photograph them, with their permission of course, NAPPING away. How about your pets? My cats love a good NAP, maybe yours does too. If so, photograph them in mid-snore. Where do you NAP? Couch, bed or recliner... it's all good! Show me where you NAP! This week it is all about NAP TIME. Extra Credit: Show me a favorite blanket, comforter, afghan, throw or pillow that is essential to your NAP TIME routine!
I am all about naps! I love the quickie ten to twenty minute variety for a pick-me-up. I also love the 2 hour drooler naps - you know, the kind where you wake up and wonder where (or if it's a REALLY good one, who) you are? Yum. I think the world would be a much saner place if naps were encouraged and nap rooms were provided at all places of work.

Here in my cottage/studio is where I often take my (sometimes accidental) naps.
My favorite nap blankie is here too.

Here I'm modeling nap behavior for Miss P, who thinks micro naps are just fine, thank you.
(Now she's even perfecting nano-naps.) Laurie took this photo.

This has to be the all-time best nap photo ever. Laurie also took this one.
I call it Little Boy Yellow or Children of the Corn.

Check back on Carly's site Sunday evening for links to other napping photos.


Carly said...

Oh my :)

You just gave me my first smile of the day! I always considered corn comfort food, but who knew how comforting it could be! I just love your collection of photos, but really, the last one completely stole my heart! :)

Always, Carly

Jientje said...

They're all cute, but that last one is so unbelievably charming!

gwenlyn said...

Great photos; I love the one of you holding "P" Soooo sweet!

Monica said...

What cute photos however, that last one ... PRICELESS! :-)


Mike said...

Eating corn is hard work! :) You have a nice little space to take nap while surrounded by books.

Suzanne R said...

Love your photos! The last one is especially perfect and priceless.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Oh, I love these! But the third one is my favorite - so funny and so cute!

Laura said...

What a great final photo - I can only imagine how much running around he'd been doing to get that tired! I hope he didn't wake up with corn imprints on his face though!

Terri said...

Or corn up his nose! Thanks everyone.

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