Friday, January 30, 2009

PhotoHunt - Furry - 01-31-09

This week's PhotoHunt assignment: FURRY Click on the photos to enbiggen.

We don't have furfriends living with us, but cats often come to visit our yard. I was hoping for something a little more exotic than a neighbor cat for PhotoHunt this week.

And then, for the first time, I spotted our neighbors' rabbits wandering around their yard. I wonder if he knows he's being watched from above.

I don't know rabbit breeds; this guy is big with very long sturdy ears...

...and a curious brown stripe down his back.

He has a buddy.

This one looks like a cross between a Scotty dog and a Persian cat.

Such a pushed in little face.

I wanted to stroke that very soft looking fur.

The cat was still there, looking properly aloof.


Randi said...

Super photos!
A great take on the theme.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Very good series and lovely subjects.

Have a great weekend.

Hootin' Anni said...

Awesome collection of photos for us this week.

My FURRY is posted. Do come by for a viewing if you can find time, won't you? Happy Hunting.

momgen said...

I like the bunny pictures its cute. happy weekend. Mine is ready.

Mine is here hope you visit

JyLnC said...

That cat has a gorgeous grey coat and a very regal air. The second rabbit is so cute and furry. Great photos.

If you have time stop by by photo hunt!
JyLnC's Furry Photohunt

shutterhappenings said...

That grayish rabbit and cat look sooo cute! I wish I can have them as pets!

My PH entries are here and here. Hope you can hop by if you have the time. Thanks!

June said...

That's some shaggy bunny!

stan said...

haha. someone shld tell the bushy grey rabbit? to shave. Nice nice captures !!

gwenlyn said...

Furry Good! Traveling Mercies this weekend!

Jientje said...

You did well on this theme Terri!!
I don't think I could trust that cat? !

Maureen Hayes said...

I love that you told the whole story behind all the photos, it makes it so much more interesting. Great captures by the way, especially the "ticked off/aloof" cat face - priceless!!

Check out my silly take on this week's theme at:

Happy Photo Hunt!

Mrs Mecomber said...

Oh my that first photo is funny! I also did Photo Hunters. I hope you get a chance to visit!

Happy weekend!

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