Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekly Winners - 01-04-09

Some of my favorite photos from this week. Click to enlarge for better details.

Russet-backed chickadee

Miss P loves her some yarn!

Fun with tree lights...

...and crystal balls. My bokeh of the week.

This is just to make my sisters envious. Dungeness crab feed!
(Dungeness is the ONLY edible crab in my opinion!)

The rest of the photos were taken when my friends Nan and Gwenlyn and I took our Nikons downtown Portland and found lots of fun stuff to photograph.

Three of the many bridges spanning the Willamette River in Portland.
Front to back: Morrison, Hawthorne, Marquam.

The Burnside Bridge - control tower, also known as the Troll House.

No comment.

Buildings merge and morph.

If you flee a fire from this building, you can do it in style!

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Cool shot of the fire escape.

Mishelle Lane said...

I love every. single. picture.

The bokeh one is awesome!

kompostela said...

Oh, you made the same experiment with tree lights:)) How cool!
How old is your girl? She is so cute!

Terri said...

Thanks everyone!

kompostela, Miss P is a "borrowed" baby - she comes here a few days a week and hangs out with my partner and 3 other babies.

tiggy said...

These are all wonderful!

maggie said...

I love all of these shots! Now I'm totally missing Portland, too. I just moved from there at the start of December after 10 years. Such a beautiful place.

ChristinaG said...

The crabs look delicious and I love the bokeh!

Devoted Mama said...

Great pics~my fave is the bokeh shot~awesome capture!

Jientje said...

I loved the fire escape building, great angle! I loved the bokeh of the week too, I've tried it myself too! Looks easier than it is!

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