Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ellipsis - Monday Photo Shoot: Rocks & Stones

Carly from Ellipsis chose rocks and stones for this week's theme. Boy, did she come to the right place. I am a collector of stones. Much to my partner's dismay, give me a windowsill and I'll make an altar out of it and you can bet it will include stones and crystals!

Be sure to click on the photos to get your full rock enjoyment.

I think she's finally getting it though. This delightful book was in my holiday stocking this year:

From altars and windowsills, garden and desk, some of my rock collection:

This one has a broken heart rock (clay), upper right.

A light dusting of snow the other night turned our cobblestones into patchwork:

Be sure to visit Carly's site Sunday evening for the list of PhotoShooters.


June said...

Quite a collection you have!

Terri said...

Oh and that's just a drop in the bucket! LOL

Olga said...

The amethyst is my favorite!

Carly said...

Hi Terri :)

Neat collection of stones! I have a samll bag of similar stones I purchased at a tiny windsock store in Bodega Bay, California. I love to take them out when I am stressed and let them do their magic. I would love to do something similar with a window sill, but I might want to wait until the kitten become cats. By then they won't be as curious, and the little Zen rock garden would have half a chance! LOL. Wonderful photos as always!


Serena said...

love the last photo! Fantastic

Jientje said...

What a wonderful collection, Terri!
I love the patchwork picture!

Jama said...

wow! you sure have a big collection there!

Suzanne R said...

I am very interested in your rocks. They are each so different and so neat. I have the same problem that Carly has with cats and rocks, and I had a now-defunct fountain that contained a few and I'm still finding them on the floor. LOL! Some cats never grow up!

gwenlyn said...

You've outdone yourself here, T; but, I knew you would.

I love that Byrd Baylor book!

eastcoastlife said...

That is a cool collection! I like the one with the 'delight' on it. :)

Tammy Brierly said...

A beautiful collection Terri!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Wow, this really was a perfect subject for you! I love the purple spiky one (amethyst?) and the way you arranged the smooth stone at strategic spots on the book, and your montage...

MyMaracas said...

What a special collection. My aunt used to collect a little rock from everywhere she went, and she too had quite a few special ones.

Mike said...

That is a nice collection. I think I like the amethyst best.

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