Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thursday Challenge: Experimental 01-22-09

Thursday Challenge for Fun and Learning - this week's theme is EXPERIMENTAL. Click photo to enlarge.

This was an experiment with moving the camera around while shooting tree lights.
For me it evokes traveling through space or celestial bodies colliding.

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Nukke said...

A nice shot of space !!!!!

ps. you could add possibility to write Name and URL here

Thanks for your comment !

Violet N. said...

Nice. I enlarged it and got those little squiggles of turquoise light. Great experimental shot.

Caspette said...

Oh there goes the Starhip Enterprise!

This is a fun shot. A variation along this them you might try next time is Bokeh which makes the lights little balls of colours.

Jientje said...

That came out very nice!! I like the turquoise in it!

GalleryJuana said...

This is a fun shot, and it reminds me of what the world looks like without my glasses:)

Nuvofelt said...

What a fun picture. Yes, definitely outer space....

EG CameraGirl said...

Interesting how it does seem like celestial bodies colliding.

My offering is at

Terri said...

Thank you all for visiting! Mandy, I have managed some bokeh shots, I love those! I posted one here a few weeks ago.

With this one, originally I was going for a low room light shot of the tree and they were coming out blurry so I figured, what the heck, might as well make them really blurry! I love the effect.

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